Month: May 2022

How to Cache Your WordPress Site?

If you’re new to WordPress, you might not yet be familiar with the world of caching. Cleaning your cache is basically a method of removing material and data from your site’s temporary memory. If you’ve done any modifications or posted new content that you’re not seeing – that’s probably why (or you forgot to hit publish!). Let’s go over what your cache really is, why it’s important and how you can clean your WordPress cache or cookies, right inside this article. Let’s get started.

How Often Should You Update WordPress Plugins?

If you use WordPress, you’re probably well familiar with the importance of plugins. The proper combination of plugins that perform effectively together is usually required for your website to operate properly. In your admin panel, you’ll undoubtedly see a red-circled symbol next to Plugins, indicating that one or more of them works require an upgrade. And, that number will keep climbing as more plugins update – some it feels like every day. We’ll go over all you really have to learn about correctly upgrading WordPress plugins, as well as how to handle these updates more effectively, in this post.

WordPress Troubleshooting 101

Nothing may ruin your day more than an abrupt website malfunction – especially if your web site is a primary or even secondary source of income. Fortunately by now, the WordPress ecosystem is pretty mature, but when issues arrive (and let’s face it, they almost always will) it can be particularly aggravating, especially if you are unsure of how to address it.

How to Fix Common WordPress Errors

WordPress is without a doubt one of the greatest tools for creating a website. Even the oldest experienced users, however, come across certain typical WordPress bugs that leave them baffled. If you’re a newcomer, these issues might be intimidating. WordPress issues might appear difficult and excessively technical, and you may not know where to begin when trying to fix them. We feel your annoyance! Because everybody needs to start somewhere, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequent WordPress difficulties and some straightforward remedies.

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